Jeremy Brown


Since 1999

Jeremy Brown

Personal History

  • Associate Degree in Architectural/ Residential Design-North Central Technical College
  • Raised in Central Wisconsin working for various dairy farmers
  • Drafting for Marawood Construction Services 1999-2004
  • Sales for Marawood Construction Services since 2005

Professional Responsibilities

Getting his start in drafting of preliminary and construction documents, as well as spending time out in the field construction projects, Jeremy has as excellent knowledge of the makings of various projects. This diversity has helped him lead an expanded sales portfolio with projects ranging from commercial, retail, manufacturing, mini-storage religious, convenience stores, multi-purpose shops and garages, agricultural and residential concrete. Taking the extra time with the customer, as well as drafting and estimating, Jeremy helps to ensure accurate plans, estimates and proposals, and to help keep projects on time and on budget.